Seminar on higher education in Europe

It is well said by Tony Robbins that “If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.” To held it true “the seminar on Higher Education in Europe” helped to enlighten and broaden the aspects of further education for the students of WES’ L.A.D college SMMCA and Smt. R.P. College for women under the umbrella of JMLP along with IRICH. The seminar was organised on Friday, 23rd December 2022 at 9.30am to 12.00 noon at Niyogi Hall, LAD Campus, Nagpur.

The honourable speaker Mrs Madhavi Mauskar, director of Southwestern European Corridor, guided and motivated students to fulfil their dreams of pursuing higher education in Europe. She is a professional faculty at global level where she has demonstrated and delivered high impact training expertise to cater the specialised need of corporates and individuals.

She has done a lot of social works at various cities where she has trained individuals and made them employable in job market. She has done noteworthy work as a Director of South Western European Corridor and guided many individuals for taking masters and PhD in Europe. She has co-created content such as 'Fit for Germany' and 'Fit for india'. For Indians going to Germany and Germans coming to India.

Dr. Pooja Pathak, heartily extended heartily welcome (0fficiating Principal, LAD Smt. R.P. College for Women) to guest speaker with souvenir.

Mrs. Madhavi elaborated on various exemplary features that European universities have and issues faced by students while registering for admissions in these universities. She also drew the attention towards time schedule, financial begetting, academic credits and different skills that are required by students while thinking of higher education in various public, semi private and private universities in Europe.

After guest speaker’s note, Dr. Roopal Deshpande, (Principal, SMMCA) introduced the audience about IRICH (Interdiciplinary Research-Ideation and collaboration hub).

More than 150 students from all of the colleges under the aegis of WES were present for the program along with teaching and non-teaching staff. The program was organised under the able guidance of Dr. Avinash Deshmukh Vice President, WES and Director, SMMCA, Dr. Shyamala Nair, Secretary, WES; Director, LAD, Smt. R.P. College for Women, Dr. Pooja Pathak, 0fficiating Principal, LAD Smt. R.P. College for Women, Mrs. Sulbha Golawar Co-Ordinator – JMLP, Dr. Roopal Deshpande, Principal, SMMCA.

Ms Nafisa Raj, student of HMCT presented the opening remarks, Ms. Devangi Kothari formaly introduced the guest speaker and vote of thanks by Ms. S.Pooja of SMMCA. The program was coordinated by Ar. Sarika Joshi, Assistant professor, SMMCA and Mrs. Pradhnya Vaidya of J.M. language lab.