Interdisciplinary Research Ideation & Collaboration Hub (IRICH)

WES's Interdisciplinary Research, Ideation and Collaborative Hub (IRICH) is in its initial stage of establishment. The aim is to encourage interdisciplinary research and create a conducive environment to nurture research among women. The hub focuses on providing research consultancy and creating an interface between academia-industry and profession. The year round research programmes such as workshops, seminars and training programmes will unravel the nuances of Ethics, IPRs, Documentation, Indigenous studies, Interdisciplinary Research Techniques, Curriculum Development etc. It is also working towards developing a Research Repository Centre and applying for Research Projects and Fundings in collaboration with International and National organizations.
Board of Governance of Women's Education Society
December 2021

Dr. Shyamala Nair, Secretary, WES
Dr. Roopal Deshpande, Principal, SMMCA

Adv. Sunil Manohar, President, WES
Dr. Avinash Deshmukh, Director, SMMCA


To inculcate the research mindset amongst faculties and students at graduation, post graduation and PhD level. To create integrated and holistic approach to all the facets associated with Research and particularly Multi-disciplinary Researches. To establish a RESEARCH CENTRE to fulfill the requirements to be recognized as Research-Centric University as per the NEP2020


  • To encourage the multi-disciplinary research and create a conducive environment to nurture research ideas.
  • To establish physical infrastructure for integrated approach for multi-disciplinary research.
  • To encourage faculties to provide research consultancy in the area of their expertise.
  • To organize workshops, seminars and training programs to understand the nuances for IPRs, Documentation, Indigenous studies, Research Techniques, Curriculum Development etc.
  • To create an interface between academia- Industry -and profession.
  • To establish the research consultancy cell which will nurture the potential of our faculties and will also facilitate the funds to sustain the Research Centre.
  • To apply for affiliations and recognition to National and Inter-nationally acclaimed institutes.

Key Cells

Sr. Cell Name
1. Board of Governance
2. Advisory Committee
3. Executive Team Members
4. PhD Cell
5. Research Consultancy Cell
6. IPR Cell
7. Documentation / Repository Unit
8. Publication Cell
9. Innovation Centre
10. Centre for Indigenous Studies

Members of Key Cells

Board of Governance

Sr. Name
1. Adv. Sunil Manohar, President, WES
2. Dr. Avinash Deshmukh, Vice President, WES
3. Shri Kishore Biyani. Vice President, WES
4. Shri Murli Pantula. Treasurer, WES
5. Dr. Shyamala Nair. Hon Sec. WES
6. Dr. Nanda Rathi. Jt. Sec, WES

Advisory Committee

Sr. Name
1. Dr. Ushoshi Guha
2. Dr. Lakshmi Rao
3. Dr. Jyotsna Patil
4. Dr. Alka Dondge
5. Dr. D. D. Wasule

Executive Team Members

Sr. Name
1. Dr. Shyamala Nair, Secretary, WES
2. Dr. Lakshmi Rao, Head, PG Department, SMMCA
3. Dr. Jyotsna Patil, Former Dean, Home Science
4. Dr. Nanda Rathi, Jt. Secretary
5. Dr. Harsha Jhariya, CAO, WES
6. Dr. Pooja Pathak, Officiating Principal, LAD
7. Dr. Roopal Deshpande, Principal, SMMCA
8. Dr. Alka Dondge, Ex- Vice Principal, LAD College, SN Head Biochemistry
9. Dr. D. D. Wasule, Cosmetology Department
10. Ar. Anuradha Bhute, Architecture, SMMCA
11. Ar. Namrata Gaurkhede, Architecture, SMMCA
12. Dr. Ashwini Balki, Biochemistry, LAD
13. Dr. Shraddha Patelia, Human Development, LAD
14. Dr. Shreeja Kurup, Faculty of Commerce and Management, LAD
15. Dr. Tehseen Choudhary, Home Science Extension Education, LAD

Our Activities

The Interdisciplinary Research Ideation and Exploration Workshop (IRIEW)

The National Education Policy (NEP), emphasizes the need for interdisciplinarity. IRICH, Interdisciplinary Research, Ideation and Collaboration Hub, the latest arm of Women's Education Society will concentrate on meaningful research across multiple disciplines. It will encourage the post graduate students to explore possibilities of research across diverse disciplines.

The Interdisciplinary Research Ideation and Exploration Workshop (IRIEW) envisages an intense six-day journey guided by experts in the fields of Higher Order Thinking, Traditional Knowledge Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Development Studies and Humanities.


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