"Green Thumb"
A 2022 Eco-Initiative

The Green Thumb is an initiative started by WES in collaboration with Biotechnology Department, L.A.D & Smt. R.P. College for Women, from April 2022.

For gardeners and non-gardeners alike, the definition of Green Thumb is pretty easy to explain, the phrase generally refers to a person who has a gift for growing plants. The project started with the aim of spreading and increasing the green cover. The green cover will not only include the outdoor plants but will also include indoor plants and succulents. These indoor plants and succulents will help in purifying the indoor atmosphere of places like homes and offices. Growing of the indoor plants and table top plants will produce more oxygen in internal atmosphere. Few exotic plants and aesthetic plants will also be grown in this initiative.

The Green Thumb initiative is also an awareness initiative, to spread the knowledge of cultivation techniques of growing plants among the students and contribute towards environment maintenance.