Gokul Balwadi, Nagpur

Coordinator : Dr. Mrs. Nanda Rathi

In 1974 an innovative project the Balwadi named as 'Gokul Balwadi' commenced functioning as a live laboratory to learn child development in the faculty of Home Science, equipped with toy and book libraries and a 'Women and Child Health Care Centre'. It catered to the needs of the community in the vicinity.

The practice has over the years helped dis-advantaged children to have a thorough grounding in basic concepts. Parental counseling is done which has helped improve sanitation and hygienic practices in the surroundings.

Mid-day meal and total health care programmes are also carried out. Such practices help in all round development of children.

Prior to this there was a dispensary (Rural Welfare Centre) and a primary school named as 'Suman t of the people of Hazari Pahad a neighbouring village. They were run for almostī€Vikas' for the bene two decades from 1952 onwards.